Working with senior leaders to align their people around shared goals, values and stories.

About CAST

We believe alignment is a human function, not a process or scorecard.

Leaders align people by providing them with Connection – to meaningful work, shared values, and community; and Direction – through clear strategy, assignments and expectations. The result is an engaged workforce–employees fully invested in the right priorities, fully bought in to the right behaviors, and creating a meaningful, measurable difference for your business. Jim Knutsen founded Cast in 1999. The company is based in Colorado, and works with clients across the country.


    We help organizations identify and articulate the core ideology that sets them apart and makes decision-making clear. Our work is designed to create clarity of purpose across the enterprise, and to be deeply embedded in daily operations (not laminated and tacked to a wall).


    We design planning sessions for better use of client time, better collaboration among participants, better decisions made, and better long-term outcomes. We partner with clients to co-create the meeting around clear, measurable goals, and then Cast manages design, logistics and overnight follow up. Jim Knutsen has designed and facilitated more than 500 client planning meetings since 1999.


    We help owners, boards of directors and senior executives transform organizational strategy and culture to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. Our work focuses first on building a strong employment brand, creating a culture that works hard for employees so they can deliver for customers. Transformation work begins with a culture audit, including a proven model for quantitative assessment, which we follow up with focus groups and leader interviews.


    Healthy organizations are run by cohesive leadership teams. We work with senior leaders to align around shared purpose and goals, and a shared commitment to healthy, collaborative behavior. We teach leadership teams how to have difficult conversations, help teams discover how they are stronger together, and organization teams around the rights roles and responsibilities.

Representative Client Experience


What we Bring to the Table

We’re here to help, and half-truths aren’t very helpful. We are objective, constructive and future-focused on our assessements, but we are also honest about what’s broken, or not serving the organization well. What we expect in return: Your honesty with us, about your needs, your strengths and weaknesses, and our performance on your project.


We work with only a short list of select clients based on their fit with our values and expertise. Which means clients get our deep attention, and focused commitment on their needs. We’re not building an empire, we’re investing deeply in clients we love. What we expect in return: Your full commitment to the project as defined and the client role as scoped.


We’re not big on fancy business jargon and MBA-speak. We communicate for clarity. The goal is not to impress, it’s to move, persuade and illuminate. What we expect in return: Commit to open communication throughout the project. Keep your team informed and engaged with plain, honest talk.


We’re a small, focused practice. I’m not trying to be McKinsey Consulting. There’s a lot we don’t do, and won’t offer because you’d be off engaging someone with focused expertise. In some cases, we’ll bring in a consulting partner, in others we’ll refer you elsewhere. What we expect in return: Keep the project in scope.

Cast Founder

Jim Knutsen
Jim Knutsen
Jim Knutsen
My name’s Jim Knutsen, and Cast is my consulting firm. I’m obsessed with clarity and simplicity. I like client relationships that last. I see myself as a sort of midwife for your strategy and values; they’re in there, we just need to coax them out.


Our Thinking — We used to blog our thoughts on leadership, culture and communication, back when blogs were still a thing. We’ve saved a few of our favorite posts here, and they still give a pretty good flavor for how we think and speak and work. Who knows? I might even update it from time to time.

Why the name CAST?